About Charles L. Martin Jr

I, Charles L. Martin was born in 1951. I have been earning my own money since age 8. I sold my family home before foreclosure at age 8 announcing the sale publicly in church at a podium. I bought my first piece of real estate, a waterfront lot, at age 14 from paper route proceeds. Early I worked for a huge homebuilder. Then was drafted to Vietnam War and got a college deferment. Was Housing and Urban Development General Contractor age 23. Only employer ever was Urban Renewal Agency age 26. Was Campaign Manager for the first black man to run for Congress in Kentucky age 26. Licensed Real Estate Broker since 1976, agent 1974, once appraiser and auctioneer. Sheriff Department Member for 13 years. Registered Home Builder since 1993. Largest Remodeling Project Indiana Cotton Mill (80,000 sq. ft., built 1848 and designated a U.S. National Landmark). Built Numerous Subdivisions and Homes.

In June 1999, at my peak that year, I owned & built two Days Inn Hotels, two Strip Centers, developed a 600-acre Subdivision in Southern Indiana, and was Owner/Broker of Re/Max Associates, one of the largest Real Estate Firms in Kentucky with $300 million sales volume, 70agents and 3 other Re/Max offices in Indiana and Naples, Florida.


Licensed Real Estate Broker Since 1973
Licensed Auctioneer (Kentucky)
Licensed Certified General Contractor ( Florida)
Registered Home Builder/Remodelor Since 1994
Certified EIFS Inspector
Board Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor
Environmental Professional
Commercial, Residential, General Contractor - 30 Years
Major Subdivision Owner/Developer
Historical Building Renovations
Site Development, Utilities, Roadwork
Last Commission Sale - Sold $1.2 Million Home

Member, Louisville Board of Realtors since 1974 (Real Estate License 1974-Present; Broker License 1977- Present)
Elected on MSI Board of Directors, 2002
Member, Indiana Professional Agency, 1994-Present
Member, Louisville Home Builders Association Registered Builder Registered Remodelor, 1994-Present
Member, Nation Association of Home Builders Council
Member, Kentucky Board of Auctioneers, 1982-1996; Re-Licensed, 2002-Present
Former Member, Society of Real Estate Appraisers, 1978-1982
Member, Lexington Coal Exchange, 1983-Present
Former Member, Indiana Historical Society
Former Member, Home Builders Association of Owensboro, KY
Kentucky Real Estate Exchangors Kree
Former Member, Indiana Historical Society
Exterior Design Institute
Moisture Warranty

Master Property Consultant
11016 N. Riverbend Rd.
Dunnellon, Fl 34433


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